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Maxcon Starter Bundle

Maxcon Starter Bundle

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Maxcon Starter Bundle Kit 

4 x 250mm pegs with 4 springs

4 x 3.5 meter guy ropes

4 x carabiners

4 x rope adjustors

1 x 4 pound hammer

1 x peg puller

 Maxcon Features

    • Ensures your tent remains stable in strong winds.
    • Unique design prevents collapse.
    • Eliminates chafing.
    • Easy to use and remove.
    • Trusted by campers across South Africa.

o        The ropes are made from high-quality 4mm braided cord, providing exceptional strength and durability without stretching.

o        Max-Rope Adjusters are included with every Max-Guy rope. These adjusters ensure that there is no slippage under tension when tying down your tent.

  1. High-Quality Material: It is made from spring steel, a type of steel with high yield strength. This ensures durability and reliability.
  2. Multi-Purpose: Not only does it serve as a peg puller, but it can also be used as a fire poker when needed.

The Max-Peg Puller is a versatile tool designed to make your camping experience even better! Let’s dive into its features:

  • Effortless Peg Removal: The Max-Peg Puller is a spring steel durable tent peg remover that makes removing Maxcon tent pegs a breeze. No matter how hard the soil is, this puller gets the job done without much effort.

The Max-Thor Hammer is a remarkable camping tool that combines durability,

  1. Durable Construction:
    • The Max-Thor Hammer is made from chip and crack-free poly-urethane coated steel.
    • It remains exceptionally durable even in sub-zero temperatures.
    • Unlike traditional hammers, it won’t chip or crack under pressure.
    • The Max-Thor Hammer weighs 3 lbs (1.6 kg), striking the right balance between effectiveness and portability.
    • Its design allows for efficient driving of tent pegs into the ground, making it an ideal camping tool.
    • Whether you’re setting up your tent or securing your campsite, the Max-Thor Hammer ensures stability and ease.
  3. Maxcons Rope Adjuster (Max-Rope Sliders):
    • Designed to give torque and leverage when tightening your guide ropes.
    • Not meant to look fancy or cut corners on material quality.
    • The distance between the two ends of the slider prevents ropes from slipping out of your grip, ensuring that the tension applied to the ropes remains consistent.
    • These adjusters keep the anchor rope tight, enabling effective anchoring and stabilization of your tent.
    • Prevents wind damage and collapse by maintaining tension.
    • Each pack includes six rope adjusters.
    • Ideal for securing your tent during camping adventure
  4. Max-Guy Ropes:
    • Guy ropes are generally used to stabilize freestanding structures, such as tents.
    • Maxcons’ Max-Guy ropes come in 3.5 or 7 meters lengths.
    • These braided cords include Max-Rope Slide sliders (adjusters) to keep the rope tight and the tent stable.
    • Attach the guy rope to the tent pole at the highest point and secure it to the ground as a stable anchor.
    • Ensures your tent remains steady even in windy condition
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