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Max Screw Peg Set

Max Screw Peg Set

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The Max Screw Peg Set is designed for challenging terrains like rock-hard soil or paved camping sites and helps to have a stress-free camping experience. Consists of 10 max screw pegs and is well packaged to ensure your tent or gazebo stays firms in place

10 x 200mm Screw Bolts: These robust screw bolts are equipped with 6-sided heads, allowing for comfortable turning with a wrench.

10 x Steel Screw Anchors: Crafted from durable steel, these anchors provide stability for your tent.

10 x Maxcons Tempered Spring Steel Springs: These springs are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring your tent remains stretched and secure.

10 x Carabiners: Versatile and reliable, these carabiners are perfect for attaching guy lines.

1 x Socket: Included in the set is a socket that perfectly fits the screw head, making setup a breeze.

No Hammering: With Max Screw Pegs, all you need is an electric or battery drill to effortlessly secure your tent.

Convenient Carry Bag: The entire screw peg set is neatly packaged in a thick plastic bag, keeping your gear organized and ready for your next adventure.

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