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Maxcon Reflective Orange guy rope

Maxcon Reflective Orange guy rope

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Max-Reflective guy rope 3.5m requires no direct light. The ambient or reflective light commonly available at campsites should be enough for the reflective anchor ropes to be visible at night.

Max-Reflective guy ropes are made from the same braided material that the existing Max-Guy anchor ropes are made of, but a thin film of Polyester or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) has been woven into the rope.

The reflective film will not lose its shine and will remain reflective even in stormy weather or long camps at the coast. The sun will not bleach it.

Max-Guy Rope is a 3.5m braided tent anchor cord with Max-rope slide.

  • These ropes are generally used to stabilize freestanding structures, such as tents.
  • Each Max-Guy rope is a braided cord available in either 3.5 meters or 7 meters lengths.
  • The ropes are made from high-quality 4mm braided cord, providing exceptional strength and durability without stretching.

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