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BonBraai Bundle

BonBraai Bundle

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This Bon Braai bundle truly unlock a fresh and exciting braai experience! Imagine sizzling steaks, succulent boerewors, flavorful chicken wings, and perfectly grilled flatties—all prepared with the help of the Bon Braai’s innovative accessories.

  1. Lid and Spacer: These accessories are game changers for your braai sessions:
    • Lid: By using the lid, you create a controlled braai environment. It locks in flavors, ensures even heat distribution, and keeps your food moist.
    • Spacer: Elevating the grid with the spacer allows air to circulate around it. This convection effect results in beautifully braaied dishes.
  2. Portability and Convenience: The best part? All these accessories fit neatly into the Bon Braai bag. Whether you’re braaiing at home, camping, or picnicking, you’re ready to impress friends and family.
  3. Setting Yourself Apart: With this addition to your Bon Braai, you step away from the ordinary. Your braai becomes a culinary adventure that sets you apart from the usual way people braai

This bundle consists of the

Bon Braai & Bag

Bon Braai lid

Bon Braai spacer

Bon Braai Beer Holder

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