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Bonbraai Kitchen In A Bag

Bonbraai Kitchen In A Bag

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BonBraai Kitchen in Bag truly lives up to its name, offering an all-in-one solution for your braai adventures. Let’s break down the impressive features of this comprehensive kit:

  1. BonBraai:
    • The BonBraai itself is your starting point—a versatile and reliable braai that sets the stage for delicious meals.
    • Whether you’re a seasoned braai master or a beginner, the BonBraai ensures a great braai experience.
    • Braai on any surface, wood, plastic or glass or your cooler box
  2. Bomafire:
    • The Bomafire component keeps you warm around the campfire, whether you’re on the beach, in the mountains, or simply at home.
    • Gather friends and family, share stories, and enjoy the cozy ambiance.
  3. Spacer:
    • The spacer serves a dual purpose:
      • It lifts the grid by 6 cm, perfect for ultra-hot fires.
      • When combined with other accessories, it unlocks creative braaing options.
  4. Rotisserie and Motor:
    • Slow-cooked meals are a delight, and the rotisserie and motor make it possible.
    • Imagine succulent chicken, beef rolls, or pork—all cooked to perfection.
  5. Beer/Cooldrink Holder:
    • The beer bum technique comes into play here.
    • Roast a chicken to perfection by placing it over the holder filled with your favourite beverage.
    • The flavours infuse the meat, resulting in a mouthwatering beer bum chicken.
  6. Spacer and Lid for Freshly Baked Bread:
    • The spacer and lid combo on the BonBraai creates an oven-like environment.
    • Use it to bake freshly made bread—a delightful addition to any braai feast.
  7. Folding Table:
    • No need to bend down while braaing!
    • The folding table provides a convenient surface for food prep, plating, and serving.
    • Elevate your braai experience with this thoughtful addition.
  8. Double Compartment Bag:
    • What’s truly impressive? All these wonderful accessories fit neatly into the BonBraai’s double compartment bag.
    • Easy to transport, organized, and ready for your next braai adventure.

So, whether you’re by the fire, enjoying slow-cooked meals, or baking bread, the BonBraai Kitchen in Bag ensures memorable moments and delicious flavours.


  1. BonBraai Braai
  2. BonBraai Boma Fire
  3. BonBraai Spacer
  4. BonBraai rotisserie & motor
  5. BonBraai Beer Holder
  6. BonBraai windshield
  7. BonBraai Lid
  8. BonBraai Double Bag

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