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BonBraai lid

BonBraai lid

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The Bon Braai lid is a versatile addition to the BonBraai. Here are its features:

  1. Perfect Fit: The lid seamlessly fits onto the BonBraai, ensuring efficient cooking and heat retention.
  2. Roosting and Smoking: Use the lid for roasting or smoking meats, enhancing flavour and tenderness.
  3. Beer Bum Chicken Space: By adding the BonBraai spacer, you create extra room to cook a delicious beer-butt chicken.
  4. Wooden Handle: The lid comes equipped with a wooden handle for safe and convenient handling.
  5. Portability: When not in use, the lid neatly fits into the BonBraai carry bag, making it easy to transport.
  6. The lid is 1.6 mm aluminium H5, supplied with wooden knob
  7. Adding the spacer and beer holder to your braai setup can elevate the entire experience

    The traditional beer bum chicken is a classic winner. By placing a beer or coke inside the chicken cavity, you create a flavourful and moist cooking environment. As the chicken roasts, the liquid inside the can steams, infusing the meat with delicious flavours.

  8. Convection Cooking: The spacer elevates the lid, allowing air to circulate evenly around it. This convection effect ensures that the chicken is braaied uniformly, both inside and out, by trapping the heat inside the lid, the lid helps to retain moisture. Resulting in a well braaied tender chicken


Whether you’re braaiing, smoking, or roasting, the Bon Braai lid is an essential accessory for your outdoor cooking adventures!

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